Meet Nate

12079131_10153395857712758_9172024726654381507_nHi, my name is Nate Sandman. I was born and raised in the region. I lived and attended school in Brookston, MN until moving to Proctor, MN in elementary school where I graduated in 1997. I have always had a passion for health and athletics. I married to Nicole Sandman in 2003 and have two daughters, Hannah (11) and Addison (9).


I attended the University of Minnesota Duluth and earned a degree in Health Education and minors in Psychology and Coaching in 2002. While at the University of Minnesota Duluth, I played football for three years and stayed involved with the athletic department and community throughout college.  Recently, I returned to the University of Minnesota Duluth working towards my Master of Education degree.

Work Experience    

Over the past 13 years, I have worked for the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa on the Fond du Lac Reservation. I was hired as a Health Educator and had the responsibility of educating the community on commercial tobacco by organizing and leading a youth oriented Peer Education group with students from the Cloquet and Ojibwe Schools.

As my responsibilities expanded I became an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer working with individuals and groups to meet their health and fitness goals. I was fortunate to learn valuable lessons working with individuals on smoking cessation and general health education, while expanding my knowledge and understanding of grant and budget management.

Eventually, I became the Lead Health Educator and supervised the health educators and managed five budgets and grants. My responsibilities included hiring new staff, monitoring their performance, and screen health referrals. During this time, I had the opportunity to collaborate with other Fond du Lac divisions and outside agencies on various projects. Through these opportunities I started presenting at local, state, and national conferences  on exercise and tobacco education. These experiences had allowed me to expand my professional and personal networks to accomplish common goals.

In 2012, I became the Community Health Services Coordinator for Fond du Lac Human Services Division where I continued to manage, develop, monitor, and maintained the Community Health Services. I had responsibility of supervising 25 staff and 15 state and federal grants along with analyzing data to access program and service needs.

Most recently, I was hired as an Associate Director for the Fond du Lac Human Services Division with the responsibilities to assist in the daily operation of eleven departments and 320 employees, while continuing my community involvement through volunteering.

Volunteer and Professional Committee Work

As a volunteer, I have coached Cloquet girls youth basketball for the past six years as I helped them learn the game and the valuable lessons of team work. I am involved with the Partners in Education (PIE) group at the Washington Elementary School along with the Lumberjack Laps. Recently, I supported our Cloquet students by volunteering with the Stuff the Bus Campaign. A campaign to collect school supplies for students and families who might be struggling to provide the necessary school supplies.

Besides my volunteerism with the Cloquet School District, I am heavily involved with the Cloquet Community Memorial Hospital since 2008 serving on their Board of Directors. For the past three years, I served as the Board Chair and three years as Vice-Chair. While on the Board of Directors, I served on the Hospital Finance Committee and the Board of Directors Executive Committee.

Furthermore, I am currently involved with the Cloquet Chamber of Commerce sitting on their Connect Cloquet Committee, St. Louis County Public Health Advisory Committee, and Mayo Clinic Prostate Advisory Committee. The committees that I have previously or currently involved with align with my values and passions.